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Protect What Matters Most

Nothing is more important than keeping you and your loved ones protected. With our home and motor plans, we can find the right cover for your family or business.

Your Needs. Our Solutions.

Every product we offer is designed with your needs in mind. Work with our specialists to find the solution best for you or your business.

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Protect What Matters Most
Your Needs. Our Solutions.
Don’t Just Take Cover, Get Cover.
Your Favourite Aunty Has Your Family’s Back

Prepare for Life’s Big Moments

Whether you’re buying a home, getting married, or having a child, some of life’s happiest moments require some big planning. Let’s work together to build a plan for the road ahead.

Buying a home?

Congratulations, homeowner! Let us set you up for success with tips on how to be a proud and successful homeowner.

Expecting a baby?

The joys of having a child are limitless—but so are the responsibilities. See how you can build a great future for your newest family member.

Excellence measured by numbers

We pride ourselves in offering top-quality services and resources to our clients.


Total CG medical claims
processed in 2023


Clean claims settled
within 5 days

$813 Million

Pension assets under management
Across CG jurisdictions

The Stats Tell the Story

At CG United we do everything we can to make sure your life stays on track.

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Growing With You for Over 60 Years

Putting people first has been CG’s mission since 1958 when we began serving our Caribbean community and our commitment has never faltered. To this day, we offer personalised care to help our clients through life's challenges from medical emergencies, to natural disasters, to uncertain economies, and more.

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